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Medium Town

A look into the workspaces and practices of young creatives practicing on Kaurna Land

  • Ari Lawson

    16th Sep 2019 by

    “It’s great being able to look around me and be directed by the visual stimuli” What are the limitations of having a studio that is also your room?  There’s a lot, for one the lack of space itself, storage is terrible. The dichotomy between trying to maintain an artistic space and also a liveable nice… Read more

  • Loren Orsillo

    2nd Aug 2019 by

    “Objects mean everything to me” How long have you been in this space?  Since February of this year, it took a bit of breaking in. But as soon as I got that couch in here things started to come into place. Do you think of your studio as a second home?  Yeah definitely, to the… Read more

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